This page is meant as a paean to those moments when...surrounded by your friends, looking at a rose, dancing, singing, traveling, whatever, Life am good.

The grammatical immediately protest, ahem, Life is good.

Actually, the line is a quote from an episode of the New Adventures of Superman. (Yes, we watch cartoons.) Completely glossing over the plot of the episode, Superman goes through utter hell dealing with Mxyzptlk and Bizzaro. At the end of the episode, he sits at his desk with his feet up and he watches Mxyzptlk get his just deserts. And Superman says, "Life am Good." The image conveyed such a feeling of utterly justified contentment, that it became something of a catch phrase.

Later when my house mate and myself decided that we wanted to put together a web page (well everyone's doing it) that could serve as a list of activities in the San Francisco Bay Area, we decided to use the phrase for our page.

After all: We're young, healthy, employed. We live in an incredibly beautiful place and we lead active social lives.

Life Am Good.

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