Previous Issues

  • Issue 62
    In April 2007, we went to Istanbul
  • Issue 61
    In July 2006, we went to France
  • Issue 60
    JLU and some Dante. A little land of Ash.
  • Issue 59
  • Issue 58 November 2005
    Provence France
  • Issue 57 October 2005
    Serenity, the movie
  • Issue 56 September 2005
    Features: Katrina, Movies: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Books: A Monstrous Regiment of Women, Events: Labor Day
  • Issue 55 August 2005
    Features: Muir Woods & Stinson, Movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Books: Truly, Events: San Diego Comicon
  • Issue 54 July 2005
    Features: DC, Movies: Sahara, War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, Books: A Stroke of Midnight, Events: Laurie King Reading
  • Issue 53 June 2005
    Features: Tahoe, Movies: unleashed, Books: Hallowed Hunt, Events: Baycon
  • Issue 52 May 2005
    Features: Running Away, Movies: Serenity, Books: Stardust, Events: None
  • Issue 51 April 2005
    Features: Roll in like a lion, Movies: Sin City, Band Wagon, Books: Scout's Progress, Events: Ashland

  • Issue 50 March 2005
    Features: Sibley, Books: Primavera, Shapechanger's Wife, Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood, Television: Justice League, Events: Gaskells, Wondercon, Valentines.
  • Issue 49 February 2005
    Features: Photo album, Books: Sunshine, Deerskin, Movies: Series of Unfortunate Events, Events: White Christmas
  • Issue 48 January 2005
    Features: Chrysalis, Labyrinth, Year in Review, Books: Water Elementals, Movies: Blade: Trinity, Events: New Year
  • Issue 47 December 2004
    Features: Superman: Red Son, Books: America the book, Movies: Starcrossed, Incredibles, Wine: Rosenblum, Event: Wunderlick hiking
  • Issue 46 November 2004
    Features: Voting, Books: Superman: Peace on Earth, Batman: War on Crime, Movies: Shaun of the Dead, Wine: Muccigrosso Vineyards, Events: Mayan, Heretics, Danse Macabre, Gaskells, New Wave City
  • Issue 45 October 2004
    Features: Books: Jaguar Princess, Events: Death Guild, Movies: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Television: Justice League, Wine: Greenfield
  • Issue 44 September 2004
    Features: Hearts in SF, Books: When He was Wicked, Events: Alameda Wine, Lion King, Movies: Bourne Supremacy, The Village, Television: Justice League, Wine: Byington
  • Issue 43 August 2004
    Features: Family Reunion, Buffy Shakespeare, England Trip
  • Issue 42 July 2004
    Features: Buffy Shakespeare, England trip
  • Issue 41 June 2004
    Events: Van Helsing at the Movies, Books: A Summer Affair, Movies: Laws of Attraction
  • Issue 40 May 2004
    Feature: Bon Tempe Dam, Books: Tea with the Black Dragon, Twisting the Rope, Movies: Kill Bill I & II, Events: Mamma Mia, Gaskells, Wine: Sonoma

  • Issue 39 April 2004
    Features: American Icon, Conventions, Labyrinths, Books: Kushiel's Avatar, The Game, Movies: Dawn of the Dead, Labyrinth, Fleisher Superman, Superman: The Movie, Superman: Last Son of Krypton, Events: Death Guild 11th Year Anniversary, Restaurants: Paragon
  • Issue 38 March 2004
    Features: Taxes, Hiking, books, Books: Flesh and the Devil, Wine: No Wine, Events: Gaskells, Oscars, Movies: Broadway Melody of 1940
  • Issue 37 February 2004
    Features: Justice League, Travel Books: Superman Red Son, Wine: Russian River, Events: Winter in Wineland, Movies: Big Fish,
  • Issue 36 January 2004
    Features: Year in Review, Justice League, Books: Simply Irresistible, Hogsfather, Contact Immanent, Movies: Mona Lisa Smile, Peter Pan, Return of the King, Events: Carols in the Caves, Christmas Gaskells
  • Issue 35 December 2003
    Features: Anya, Books: Daughter of Time, Pearl of the Soul of the World, Hound and the Falcon, Movies: Matrix Revolutions, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Love Actually, Events: Chant Wave
  • Issue 34November 2003
    Features: House, Anya, Halloween, Books: Paladin of Souls, Movies: Angel S5 Premiere, Events: Housewarming, Halloween
  • October 2003 - We bought a house, we were busy
  • Issue 33 September 2003
    Features: Chrysalis, House!, Books: Mary Jo Putney, Movies: Leon, Equilibrium, Events: Alameda Art and wine

  • Issue 32 August 2003

  • Features: Chrysalis, conimcon, Books: decorating, Movies: Terminator III, Pirates, Events: Sterne Grove
  • Issue 31 July 2003

  • Features: Giles Fic, Japan, Books: harlequins, Movies: The Hulk, Wine: Bonny Doone.
  • Issue 31 June 2003

  • Features: Dad Day, Japan, Choices, Events: JM, Wine
    Byington, Books: Kushiel's Dart, Movie: The Secretary.
  • Issue 30 May 2003

  • Much lameness no writing. Crystal went to Japan. Karen went to Mexico.
  • Issue 29 April 2003

  • Features: France Day 1, Mary Sue, Events: stuff, Wine: no, Restaurant: Waterfront, Books: Second Coming, Movies: Russian Arc
  • Issue 28 March 2003

  • Features: France Day 1, Mary Sue, Events: stuff, Wine: no, Restaurant: Waterfront, Books: Eyewitness Guide, Movies: Daredevil
  • Issue 27 February 2003

  • Features: 200 Things, Prolog France, Save Firefly, Events: Death Guild, New Year, Wine: Sonoma, Books: Blue Sword, Movies: Chicago.

  • Issue 26 January 2003

  • Features: Busy Karen, Firefly Reviews, Save Firefly, Movies: Nemisis, Two Towers.
  • Issue 25 December 2002

  • Features: Crystal/31, Stealing Copy, Firefly Watch the damn show already, Events: Bal de Vampyre, Garbage, Cirque, Books: Kingdom Come, Restaurant: Fairmont, Wine: Rosenblum
  • Issue 24 November 2002

  • Features: Musings on Smallville, Events: La
    La Boheme, Night and Day,Ren Fair, Halloween Gaskells,  Cemetary Picnic, Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween at Work, Movies: Transporter, Books: Anna's Noire Buffy Fic, Restaurant: La Scene 
  • Issue 23 October 2002

  • Features: Costume Shopping, Gray Hair, 911, Events: Martian Governor's Ball, Krug, Shakespeare, Movies: Premiere Weeks, Books: Veils of Silk, The Biographer's Tale, Wine: Bonny Donne
  • Issue 22 September 2002

  • Features: Later, Events: Buffy Dinner,Wedding, World Con,  Movies: Spy Kids, Books: Beekeeper's Apprentice, Wine: Edna Valley, Laetitia
  • Issue 21 August 2002

  • Features: Top 10 Books, Thailand, Events: Whine, Neil Gaiman Reading, Books: Coraline, Wine: Imagery, Ferrari Carano, Armida, Pezzi King.
  • Issue 20 July 2002

  • Features: Thailand, Buffy Philo, Events: Gay Pride, Books: Beholder's Eye, Movies: Bourne Identity
  • Issue 19  June 2002

  • Features: More Dante, Dinner with Lois, Events: Book Signing, Movies: Spiderman, Books: Diplomatic Immunity
  • Issue 18May 2002

  • Features: Dante and Virgil in Sunnydale, Events: Gaskells, Friday Night Waltz, Restaurants: Nope, Wine: Nope, Movies: Nope, Comeon, Dante!

  • Issue 17 April 2002

  • Features: Running Away from Home II, Events: Dante Fubar, Restaurants: Quinns Lighthouse, Wine: Guenoc, Ployez, S. Anderson, Chandon, Books: Purgatory, Movies: Easter Parade, Sorority Boys
  • Issue 16 March 2002

  • Features: Fred, Events: Gaskells, Peers Middle Earth Ball, Restaurants: Vladamirs, Wine: Oregon, Canada, Minnesota, Books: Memory, Movies: Queen of the Damned
  • Issue 15 February 2002

  • Features: Photo Album, Geek Purity Test, Running Away from Home, Restaurants: Alchemy Wine Bar, Wine: Ironstone, Malvadio, Millaire, Stevenot, Books: Darkangel, Movies: Count of Monte Cristo.
  • Issue 14 January 2002

  • Features: Photo Album, Year in Review, Events: Victorian Homes, Gaskells, Books: The Silver Devil, The Copenhagen Connection, Movies: Ocean's 11, Wine: Mont St John
  • Issue 13 December 2001

  • Features: Photo Album, Events: Crystal's 30th B-day, Wine: Rosenblum, Books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Movies: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Monster's Inc
  • Issue 12 November 2001

  • Features: The Why of Why, Grabbing a little Whimsey
  • Issue 11 October 2001

  • Sometimes it isn't

  • Issue 10 September 2001

  • Features: Visiting Relatives, 10 Year HS Reunion, Events: Poe Mode, Alameda Art and Wine Festival, New Wave City, Restaurant: Lee's, Wine: Sonoma, Books: Naked in Death, Princess Diaries, Requiem for the Devil, Movies: Princess Diaries, Witchblade
  • Issue 9 August 2001

  • Features: Comicon, Shopping, Events: 4th of July Parade, Sade, Restaurants: Apricot Tree, Wine: NA, Books: A Kiss of Shadows, The Curse of Chalion, Movies: Artificial Intelligence.
  • Issue 8 July 2001

  • Features: Stendahl's Syndrome, World's End, Lion King, Events: Novato Art and Wine, Santa Cruz Wine Fesitval, Neil Gaiman Reading, Restaurants: Village Cafe, Biscuits and Blues, Wine: Santa Cruz Wines, Books: American God, The Darklord of Derkhom, The Mint, Seven Up, Movies: Atlantis, Moulin Rouge, Tomb Raider
  • Issue 7 June 2001

  • Features: Buffy set, roadtrip, bad movies, Events: And Auburn, Baycon, Symphony, Restaurants: Boulevard, Venezio, Wine: Tequila Rose, Meridian, Books: Archangel, Movies: The Mummy Returns, Pearl Harbor, Shrek
  • Issue 6 May 2001

  • Features: Cruising the Bay, I wanna, Journey through the Commedia Divine, Events: April in Carneros, Moulin Rouge, Restaurant: One Market, Wine: Adestra, Bouchaine, Carneros Creek, Madonna/Mont St. John, Sebastiani, Books: The Demon Lover, Movies: Bridget Jones's Diary, Hornblower, Josie and the Pussycats
  • Issue 5 April 2001

  • Features: Tuesday with Laurie King, Santa Cruz, Joss Whedon's Pride and Prejudice, Sunny Day with El Diablo, Black Diamond Mine Park Events: New Wave City, Sleeping Beauty Ballet, Restaurants: Waterfront Restaurant, Zoccoli's Wine: David Bruce, York Mt. Books: Pride and Prejudice, The Second Summoning,  Movies: Buffy the Vampire Slayer-The Body, Pride and Prejudice

  • Issue 4 March 2001

  • Features: Reflections from a Couch Potato, Wild Cat Canyon, Hikers in the Mist, Marin Headlands Hike, Events: Valentine's Gaskells, Restaurants: Front Street, Ginger Island, Il Fornaio, Wine: Alexander Valley Vineyards, Canyon Road Winery, Johnson Alexander Valley Vineyards, White Oak, Books: A Darker Place, Guilty Pleasures, Hannibal, River of Fire, Movies: Hannibal, Hellraiser I & II
  • Issue 3 February 2001

  • Features: Carmel Day Trip, Quotes, Wine Centered Meal, A day in the sun, Events: 2001 Peers, Restaurants: Beni Hana, Chapeau Bistro, Fuzio, Wine: Ferrari-Carano, Mazzocco, Ledsons, Books: Gate of Ivory, Lost and Found, Tarzan of the Apes, Movies: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Miss Congeniality
  • Issue 2 January 2001

  • Features: Mission Statement, French Vacation, Sonoma Spa, Events: Holiday Gaskells, Dicken's Faire, Dunsmuir House and Gardens, Restaurants: Gordon Biersch, MacArthur Park, Wine: California Wine Regions, Books: Beacon Street Mourning, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Warriors Apprentice, Movies: Emperor's New Groove, Unbreakable, Billy Elliot
  • Issue 1 December 2000
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