Karen's Biography

I guess the two most important facts about me are I'm a military brat and I'm a bookworm.

The first fact took effect the day I was born in Hialeah, FL in 1973. My dad, Thomas, is still in the Coast Guard, now a captain instead of a lowly ensign. My mom, Wanda, is a professional mom (with a masters degree in family relations and child development) which means she's held a variety of jobs from school teacher to ombudsman coordinator to president of the CG Spouses Club. I also have two younger brothers. Sean's a records manager at a SF law firm. Seth is hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking his way to a degree in leisure services management (he graduates in May). Both are punk rockers too (complete with tattoos). They used to be too cool to hang out with me, but now that we don't live in the same house and can go out for a drink together, we get along fine (especially when I "volunteer" to be the designated driver). The three of us are nothing alike, but sometimes it's scary how the same we are.

Like all military brats, I've moved around - Florida, Texas, California, Mississippi, New York, and Virginia (not necessarily in that order and I went back to a few places). California is my favorite though (specifically the Bay Area) and I don't plan to live anywhere else in the future. I went to college here at the University of California at Berkeley (Go Bears!) and I've worked here as a tech writer for the past few years. Now, I'm embarking on a new career as a knowledge management consultant (as soon as I figure out what that means I'll let you know).

The second fact didn't really take hold till the fourth grade. Since then, it's rare to find me without a book close by. Classics, sci-fi, and fantasy were my first loves, but I'll read just about any genre. (I was going to qualify that with "except horror," until I thought of the Anita Blake series. I guess I've got all the bases covered now.) I didn't have any other hobbies really till after college. That's when I discovered dancing, costuming, wine tasting, and foreign travel. I'm a beginner at all of these, but I'm hoping practice makes perfect.

For now, I'm living the good life and giving thanks everyday that I can.

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