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Napa Architecture

Most people associate Napa with great wine.

Mostly I associated it with over priced and over hyped wine, but that's another story.

Karen and I had discussed for some years looking at some of the greater oddities of Napa architecture (well, okay in costume, but this was faster). She's just gotten a funky new camera, so I suggested that we make a weekend of it by taking one day to photograph some of Napas more... intense architectural oddities with a day of actual wine tasting for April in Carneros.

So, top down on the convertable and we went to visit wineries that don't have the best wine (they are tourist destinations after all) or their wine is hopelessly over priced, but seriously, that's some beautiful architecture.

Dairoush - They built a mini Persepholis and charge $20 to taste

Montichello - Eh wine, but a nice replica of Jefferson's house.

Opus One - Hideously Overpriced wine in a Ziggerut!

Del dotto - It's a baroque venetian palace and charge $30 for a taste, yeesh.

Castello di Amoroso - Full on Castle. $10 to go in and taste. Wine was at best robust, but we were in a castle cellar and atmosphere goes well with me.

Clos Pegase - Greek temple in the middle of some vineyards

Chateau Boswell - Like a Loire Chateau - we did a drive by

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