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The Fifth Sun / Characters


Desc: She was by the grace of God Queen of the combined Kingdoms of York and Scotland, chosen Hunter by the White Boar, a great hero prince, and any other opinion be damned. Every year there was an apocalypse. Every year, she thwarted it, even at the cost of shoes and gloves. However, she did need to start her progress so she could be out among her people. She needed to kill the undead, explore mysteries, and force the nobility to feed her court as a sort of visitation tax.
Current mood: Fine, except she had odd dreams.
Likes: Costumes for every occasion, being Queen, handsome gentlemen with which to dance, and epic quests.
Dislikes: Being told what to do (see being Queen), being married, and having children.
Prized possession: Her French rapier.


Desc: Once she was the chosen vessel of the blood serpent Goddess Coatlique in Tenochtitlan where she consumed the blood of the worthy. Until that day when she would have chosen her successor and gone into the New Fire. But the soldiers of the Hapsburg came before that day. On the day that they came, Cortes put a collar on her to control her and named her souless vampire. Fortunately, her current mistress, Queen Catherine di Medici of France, has no great love for the Spanish dogs either. Sadly, she's saddled Itz with assisting her ten year old son’s career, because that’s “precisely” the sort of job that should be handled by a vampire.
Current mood: Irritated, and about to take it out on someone.
Fine clothes, boots, revenge, and the burning of Hapsburg cities.
Dislikes: The Hapburgs.
Prized possession: An obsidian statue of the goddess Coatlique.


Desc: Once he was a hero good and true. There were poems of his deeds and poetry in his soul. Once there was that last quest to the gardens of the Hesperides. It was then that he learned the worth of words and how well kings keep their promises. It was then that he became a monster to be passed down from pragmatic kings to puffdragon lords to petulant thieves. For centuries, he was enforced to do each foul deed against which he had once fought. If no one would speak on behalf of his victims, then the slackworth monster that he had become would do so.
Current mood: Depressed.
Likes: Once he loved words and great deeds, but he's since been taught that he was a scaberous crackdollop fool.
Dislikes: Existence. Why has no hero slain him yet?


Desc: She was the daughter of the very brilliantest Dr. John Dee and they lived in a tower at the end of a long lake where she gathered flowers that might not have been there. Or had been there. Or would be there. The doors in her mind was open and so were the windows. Whoosh goes time like a river that we all swim in like happy carp. It was a nice life. Too bad the world was getting ready to kabloomicate.
Current mood: Whee!
Likes: Time when it goes swirly, the sparkly ends of flowers, and red.
Dislikes: Blue, angels, and that cold slimy feeling when the universe goes three ways at once and she can't see which one she's in.
Prized possession: Shoes, but she lost them.


Desc: He'd thought that becoming a vampiric creature of the night would involve more sex and violence, and less paperwork. Actually, paperwork hadn't entered into his thoughts at all. But there he was, a young vampire in the service of King Felipe of Spain and England, and half his time was spent reading about his duties, some small amounts of violence, no sex, and writing reports on stupid things.
Current mood: Bored.
Likes: Sex and violence. Maybe violence and sex.
Dislikes: Paperwork.
Prized possession: Wicked daggers in his sleeves.


Desc: She was the darkness of the heart and the beat of the drum. She was the place where two roads met in the dark woods. She was the side long glance and the great bear in the sky. She was not going to say who she was. Secrets were best kept that way.
Current mood: Delighted.
Likes: Toys, tricks, and metaphors.
Dislikes: What's to dislike?
Prized possession: An obsidian mirror.

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