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Supernatural - Magnificent 7

3 stooges. 4 tops. 7 deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and King Pride. See the suit. See the crown. See the Kavanaugh.

The magnificent 7.

What’s in the box? With all the ills of the world released to storm and clash, what then is left in that tiny box. Schrödinger’s cat. Wrong show.

Hope that they can win this war. That Dean can be saved.

There’s a village somewhere. It might be rural Japan. It might be rural Mexico. It might be Kansas. We may have left Kansas behind.

If the sins are the warriors sent to the village (3 magnificent live by some way of thinking) are then the hunters the villagers. Husbands and wives and fathers and mothers who once lived by placid lakes until the coming of the dark. Learning to fight as best they can.

Wrath killed by the wrath that howls in Tamara’s soul.

Pride, the root of all evils. Everyone’s heard of the Winchesters. They let the demons out. Favorite of a fallen king. See you later Sam.

And I wonder which Faust is Sam reading?

A beautiful natural act. Natural instincts. And so we set the theme of the season. Sins as part of us. Selfish acts that save lives and love that burns the beloved. Facing the demons that awaken parts of ourselves. Wash it away in water. Pin it down with wood. Trick it with clever and look a (not) surprise. Blades that stab demons dead. The people too. Poor souls.

To quote Buffy, where do we go from here?

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