2007 Istanbul (258 images)

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In April 2007, Karen and I headed to Istanbul, not Constantinople, and nobodies business but the Turks.

We'd been thinking of setting a story there, but it just didn't fall together. But that's okay. Good trip. Good food. Lots of cats stalking Karen's allergies.

Lots of street hawkers trying to sell... Istanbul, a crossroads for as long as there's been rivers flowing into the black sea and boats sailing to and fro into the ancient Agean.

This is my first year for attempting a Picassa style photo album. As in, minimal tweaking. Mostly to do with the mad rush of life in the last few months. Years.

How years roll don't you find. Like those ships on the sea. Like those kittens curled that box, soon to be cats. Like the Hagia Sophia that you see just below. Sun rise ans set and a 1000 years. Washing past a city straddling Europe and Asia and flow on by. Like people so desperate to sell you something, to reclaim a flood of american tourists that stopped in 2001, that they end up making you not buy. Because, I at least, hate to be pushed that hard. And it's a little sad. And little hazy, as the sky seemed always to be on a spring afternoon.

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