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The event in words

Day 1

Dr. Who panel w/ Julie Gardiner & Steve Moffat - Moffat is hilarious. We heard about his adventures in getting into the country (not easy - he was questioned as to whether he is or is not a comic book convention. He is not), got an interesting que as to why the Doctor appears younger as he gets older (when your young you want to be taken seriously, when your older, you want to lose cares), and why there wont be a massive Doctor meetup (some of them are dead. They may be difficult to schedule)

Torchwood w/ John Barrowman, Julie Gardiner, Gareth David Lloyd, Naoko Mori. Barrowman was very clearly one of us and clearly delighted to be where he is (aat a con... on a panel... working where he is). GDL & NM seemed blown away by the size of the crowd & it's only Thurs. Most of the que were good. Someone started a slashdot rumor that JB is to play Cap America (he'd love to, but there have been no talks. tho he is in LA to talk something.) Many of the que were pretty slashy, delighting JB (who btw tried to heart attack the audience by almost kissing GDL, and dipping NM, and answering the toss off a cliff, shag, marry question, by deciding to shag "Tosh" and then toss her off a cliff - well she is dead, it wont hurt - shag Julie, and marry GDL). He told us that we were twisted and he really liked that about us. Also he and NM sang a duet from miss Saigon, which they were in together, when she was 17.

CAC: Superman's 70th. Academic track. Papers presented talking about: Comics as folklore w/ specific comparison to the golem of prague, heroe archetypes, super ethics. All very interesting, though the 1st presenter was clearly the most comfortable. All the brainy discussion was somewhat overshadowed by a remark dirring Q&A. So we were discussing where Supes can be hard to approach because he has that moral superiority thing going. ie all those covers of Jimmy Olsen, Supes pal comics where Supes is telling Jimmy, well I told you not to touch the transmat & now your half bug. Cant help w/ that. We had also previously discussed Batman's...approach. So whwn someone asked if the panelists had seen, the Superman is a Dick site, the organizer stood up and said the diff between Supes and Bats is that Superman is a dick and Batman is an asshole. He repeated this 3x. Having come from the Torchwood panel, I heard a hearty Jb laugh in my head. KAren & I about died laughing. But since we were in a room w/ a diff geek set, we were the only ones who laughed.

Lionsgate Hulk v. Wolverine. Came in on a TRON 2 preview. It looks awesome. HvW was pretty awesome 2. Lots of Hulk tossing people 2 miles while various wisecracked in the background.

Dexter w/ Michael C Hall, Julie Benz, Clyde Phillips, John Goldwyn. Interesting discussion of S2 w/ s3 preview.

Game dev w/ our friend Alex. mostly I waved at him

oh and the dealers room is awesome as always. We now have sonic screw drivers,
.sonic lasers, and psychic paper.


Day 2

On one hand, having a great time. On the other, lost my voice by days end.


Stargate Continuum - Brad Wright, Martin Wood, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, and Beau Bridges. RDA's first con and he was quite wisecracking with it. Yes we will cheer anything. Great panel. Nothing quite like a group of people who have worked in each other's pockets for that long. There was a fairly affecting "Gen Hammond" / Don Davis retrospective, which had them all leaking tears. Mind you the panel's tone was mostly funny and... CJ thanked the other panelists for so lowering the tone that he can get away with anything in future panels. Go him. Also, the arctic, clearly awesome.

Stargate Worlds. Game panel during which I took a recruiter call.

Stargate Atlantis - Joe Flanigan, Robert Picardo, Jewel Straite, Brad Wright, and Chris Sanagustin. Not quite as wacky as the SG1 panel, but fun. RP came out in Woolsy suit, a precise manner hiding a wicked humor. Clearly not his 1st rodeo.

Joss Whedon - plus the cast of Doc Horrible. Good set of questions. Que about favorite musical had NPH talking about when he was in NY in Rent, singing, looking out in the audience and seeing all the couples holding each other, connection of audience and text. FD was twittering onstage, and then got flustered. NF had some great insights into the very end of the musical re: Doc H getting his brand new day, while Billy did not. Then we all made the huh insight noise, and he riffed off us. Some great playing with the audience from both NPH, NF, and JW. The younger bros Whedon had to be pulled out a bit more. But then it was a room of 4000 screaming fans.

Then dealers room, ran into my ex (as I do every year, we chatted a bit, although I could really feel my voice going) We went to meet w/ Alex, while Paul held the line, which turned out to be the eureka/sga line out of a fear of not getting into Dr horrible sing along later. Always fun watching with a group of fans.

Then it was time for Doc H. I knew all the words, but couldn't sing them. I whispered. Best moment was raising our hands and swaying in Act 3 for the hero song. Well and knowing the cast & crew were behind us joining in the ness. Cant wait until Doc Horrible gets Rocky Horror though.

Full day past, we crashed.

Day 3

Kyle XY, where I sat ten/fifteen feet away from Matt Dallas, Jamie Alexander, Julie Plec, and er... the new villain... I'll have to look him up later. Nice guy though, and clearly a fan of the show he's on, given some of his earlier plot point squee. Questions were all good and from a very diverse group. Then again it's a small enough group I could actually see them. But when a fan IDed herself as head of a fansite, Julie Plec was all "hey" and offering to chat later about doing some promotions. not something that generally happens during a panel.

DC Animated movies - Wonder Woman clip, where as the female artist who designed her look talked about, she was attractive, but in a fit Greek statue way, not an attenuated, that waist won't support her chest way. The ever awesome Andrea Romano talked about being excited to finally do a woman centered storyline (written by a woman seated two rows up from us) with a lot of women to cast. And seriously, in the clip, Diana looked warrior awesome. I mean seriously, there was leaping.

I bought a book and went to hang out in Hall H to veg for a bit. When you can't talk, walking around the Dealer's room can be a bit much.

Saw the end of the mummy panel, Death Race, and part of Sam Raimi's new horror movie,of which I saw a clip. I'd forgotten what Raimi horror meant, kinda silly. Clearly the audience never knew, possibly only knowing him from Spidey. Alas my book wasn't that good, so I headed out to the dealers room.

Where I saw the Pushing Daisy's cast signing, kidding around in picts w/ fans. I was really surprised to see young Ned there. W/out the adult narrator, I realized just how he young he is. Really (not near puberty) young. I wanted to hand him a toy. I hope he got to look around the dealers room.

Then dinner w/ Alex & his friends. Given how were dressed, I think we made an impression on his bosses.

And back for Wolverine & the X-men. not brilliant, but yeoman good toonage. Then back to the hotel for a really great oxygen rush and packing prep for our last day.

Day 4

Smallville panel. Umm... you know I've gotten rid of my cheat with all the names. But, um... interesting panel. They spilled so many spoilers. One I'm not sure the actor knew was a spoiler. It was very... love-us, it'll be cool. Which given practically the 1st question is when is Clark going to get some testosterone and become Superman made a certain amount of sense. I'm certainly ready for it to happen. Plus, there was a guy in an awesome Green Arrow outfit.

Supernatural - Eric Kripke, Jensen Akles, Jared Padalecki, Sera Gamble, Ben Eglund. Freaking awesome. We saw the first five minutes of the S4 opening. OMG. It was awesome. And made me want September. Purely for analytical purposes of course. Halfway through, the Ghost Facers came on stage and there were funny shenanigans.It was all highly enjoyable. Also, the new female character, Kripke named her as a love interest to drive the fans nuts. I kinda like that. Next season looks cool.

Then we wandered for a little bit in the Dealer's room and then the plane flight home.

That was the exhausted end of Comi-con.