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2/21/08 - Taiwan

Songshan local airport at 6am

We flew down from Taipei to Hualien on the East Coast of Taiwan

My Carambola Juice box - it was kind of vile

After days of rain and clouds, we had to go South to find the sun.

The park wasn't yet open so they took us to a marble factory

OSHA might have freaked a bit, because when they said factory, they meant factory

Marble being sliced with diamond saw

All my pictures of plants didn't come out. But the corn, that I got

The entry gate into Taroko gorge

The river into the Gorge

And the Liwu river flows to the sea in the East

Eternal Spring Shrine - in honor of the workers who died building the Central Cross-Island Highway

Writting on the marble wall

Me, my tour sticker, and the shrine

Temple on the ridge above the Eternal Spring temple

Karen over the spring

The valley below the above

The valley is made of solid marble. The river cut through over millenium. As the cliffs rise, the river keeps cutting down. The gorge deepens several millimeters every year

The hand carved path to the shrine

The almost bridge and the actual bridge

The names of those who carved the road

A forever ceiling in the shrine

The carved tunnel through the rock

The straight fall of water

The road next to the swallows nests

Ricktey old sway of a bridge, dip down gorge

The swallows nest in the caves carved out by water flowing through cracks in the stone

Crystal and the gorge (and camera)

Water seeping through the stone

The water slips through a crack, which becomes a cave

The marble that makes up the mountains is so hard that the water wears in a straight U shape.

And the walls narrow. Not really widening.

Jade waterfall with fizz

Palm tree over mountain

I'm told that the rock looks like an American Indian Chief. I'm not sure I see it.

Karen looks at the big rock

The big rock

There were signs everywhere telling us to stick to the cliffs (and move fast) to avoid rocks


Seep from the rocks

Lily over my head


Narrow cliffs lean over to touch


I loved the signs for in Taiwan

Fish leaping

across the dragons gate

Clear spring water as jade

Actual sunlight on white marble

Butterfly shadow

Ghost of a butterfly

Mountain in the sunlight

Dragon and the phoenix

The maternal bridge. Every day, the mother of one of the workers would bring him lunch. He went missing, but she still brought his lunch every day.

Shrine by the bridge

While we stood on the shrine on the other side. It was warm. Warm!


Lion by the bridge

Kissing butterflies

Maternal gate by the moss

White marble river

Chysanth and Rose/blueberry tea

Shadow butterfly daisy


Sky shadow

Shrine in the valley

The lodge where we ate lunch

White flowers at the shrine


Lotus pool


Moth like a leaf

Mother mercy says shhhhh

Tower over the valley

Tables of marble. Everything's marble. Well, the mountains are made of it.

Marble on the bridge

Random marble statue

Fishermen in the Pacific

The sun rises over this Pacific as it sets over our Western shore

Rocky shore

Karen with rock

The water is so warm, like chocolate froth

The train on back to Taipei

And here's the sign telling us to go past go.

Here are paddies and lights and me. A ghost in the window. Or something.

The MRT of the infinite.