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Elfland 2008/College Reunion

So I graduated in 1993, which makes 2008 my 15 year reunion. Now, since I live in the bay area, heading back to UCSC is more a matter of an hour or so roll down the road, and yet it's not a trip I often make.

Ah, the rolling green hills of school. Redwood trees, buildings that have grown in the interim. 15 years and Elfland. Back in the day, I did a lot in Elfland with my friends in college. We of the Elflandic made signs. Refreshed Elf dens. Wrote stories. It was a whole thing.

This last year, I had gotten a request for pictures and stories for a book about the unnatural history of the campus. Basically the spaces people create in the wilderness. There's a lot in it that I knew. More I didn't.

This year at the reunion (mind you it was more speach by Alumni assoc to drain life energy out of me than a reunion, as I didn't really reunite with anyone at the speechifying lunch), there was a tour of the elfland. I saw new spaces and old spaces. And having received a packet of the fabulous Nuqneh! (possibly from the British Museum) with text from the Morad Roel from my other Elflandic co-conspirator (hey go read the book to figure it out), I hung one in every den.

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