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2007 Halloween

But to backtrack, yesterday I went to work in 1960ish grey suited office wear with grey felt hat (think shallow up side down bowl) with a wide black velvet trim that I'm very fond of. Mind, I clearly need other coats to go with the other adorable hats I keep getting, as I always seem to wear the grey or the brown hats, and the blue cap with pink wing trim wants to be worn.

Not a lot of dress up. Although, sadly management was visiting, so in a way there was a lot of dress up as IT pulled themselves together to look less IT-ish.

After work, I went up to the West Portal neighborhood to be Luna Lovegood (yes, there was a costume change) at a Harry Potter themed neighborhood Halloween o Rama. It was insane. There were hundreds and hundreds of kids in costume, a panoply of languages and people and costume and laughter and excitement and glow sticks and pets and parents and there I was. Only one radish earring (the other fell off due to poor magnetization {my ears aren't pierced}) and a twig over one ear, clutching copies of the Quibbler, which yes, I put together for the evening. I held it upside down and gave away copies to those who seemed to want it. I also prevented people from walking through the Veil and into someone’s garage.

Karen arrived (dressed in bat dress, velvet coat, horrible shoes, and leather heart earrings). I am happy that Luna must surely wear comfortable shoes. We walked around and looked at some of the amazing houses.

And around 8:15, the candy ran out and the children left and it was time to go home.


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