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Supernatural - No Exit

Okay, so Sartre it wasn’t exactly. Hell, not being so much other people as really crazy people. And sometimes your relatives.

However, first I'll ramble about myself because, it's late in the meta and I can. For those who are not so informed on the minutia of my life, I used to have a job where I crawled around interstitial space. That is to say the places between.

Dirty greasy levels between floors with sudden pits where you'd climbed down ladders to reach other levels. Crawled through these narrow little spaces looking for undocumented acid valves (always, but always wear your safety goggles). Or glycol pipes (steel toed shoes are also good). Or just where was Air handling vent 246. (mmm…hard hats). Peering in at clean rooms with their -40 cold rooms, which did not want to get trapped in.

Never saw any ectoplasm though. But that would definitely violate FDA regulations for drug production. They don’t even like spiders.

Although, I did once find a mattress someone had lugged up there. Heaven knows how, because the route there was…circuitous.

So, warehouses you say. I wonder what kind of warehouse.

I'd say there are few things as creepy as claustrophobia. Hellraiser (the first one) did an excellent job of leveraging that. The innate fear of being trapped in an endless maze of filthy tunnels that aren't actually anywhere. You're in the wall. In an actual oubliette and being forgotten. Not just the one where we keep the wine under the stairs.

We had one engineer once who freaked out so much that she flung open one of the metal doors into a clean area. She had to get back to the light.

Philosophically, I always found interstitial space interesting, and I always like it when characters go in between. That’s why I talk about it so much. Between is where the action happens.

Jo is at that interesting stage in her life where you really don't know where you are or where you're going. And at times it does feel as if its all climbing up ladders, hitting your head on I-beams, circling around and never getting anywhere. .

Often leading to terrible choices. Like opening the door into places you really shouldn't go to get away from the frustration of it. To release some internal pressure.

That said, I find Jo's age, to be spot on. She doesn't fit in and she knows it. Expressing the sudden emo and bravado that that age brings.

As noted by a number of people I see already, the person that I find her an analog for is Sam. I mean, yes, hunter, blah, blah. But Dean is more someone she wishes to become. Like the kid sister/brother trailing hero worship/insult banter behind.

With Sam she seems almost a mirror in opposition. Small, blonde, female. Where he is...not small, and not...female. Except in some fanfic. But where John didn't want Sam to go to college, Ellen pushes Jo to have something else. Where Sam fit himself in by hiding himself, Jo felt herself a flashy freak. Unwanted experience rootless, versus settled rings on a bar top. Barely remembered Father (she was in pig tails/tales), versus mother dying above a crib. For both, setting the current life in motion.

And because I can believe something symbolizes more than one thing...Although they come at it from opposite directions, there was an interesting echo in the remark about wanting to hunt to be close to her father. It's not that Sam doesn't know his dad, but there was so much opposition, it was difficult for them to know each other as adults. And well, Sam is only at the beginning of the heroes journey. Having now accepted the call, there’s still the adventure itself.

So, it only made sense to me that Jo’s presence would mean Sam's absence. Enabling Dean to admit things to an opposite to Sam, that because he has certain programmed responses to Sam, he can’t at the moment say.

I found it interesting to hear him talk about something only hinted at last season. Dean would like to have another life. Be a fireman. He can tell her not to pick this life, because I do wonder if that isn't what he'd like for Sam. If it wouldn't necessitate that he would lose brother entirely. Disappearing into clean space, beyond the interstitial, with barely a window in between to peer through. One can open the door, but that would track dirt where it shouldn't be.

I wonder if there isn’t some necessity to this on-going un-deification of John Winchester in Dean’s view. From instant obedience to his father, where success meant approval to some knowledge that his father was mortal, and thus died. It had always seemed like nothing could kill his dad. To the idea that he was just a man, with feet of clay.

Sometimes he messed up. Although, I'm inclined to think that we haven't heard the last of that particular story of two hunters, where only one survived. It's just too juicy a...bone, well bone's aren't juicy are they.

Rot and decay are juicy. Like Holmes who was Mudgett. A man who in life was charismatic and here in death was only the decayed drive that led him to kill. I’m glad they didn’t go into any more detail, because I really have no desire to read more than I did on the web about Mudgett who was Holmes. Really it was the sort of knowledge that felt like I wanted to scrape off my brain when I read it. But knowledge, like experience, like scratches on a wall, accumulate.

One goes from wanting to know more about a parent, to wishing oneself still in ignorance.

Although, I did find it interesting to see Dean attempt the same role he played so often in his own family. Mediator. Attempting to interrupt, get between, play a little music and break the ice. But this a different family, and Ellen's as cold as ice.

Or unutterably cool.

And just to throw out my own theory, I wonder if Jo didn't provoke that fight with her mother, so that she could hand the boy's that case. After all, as any child knows, its simpler not to ask permission. Just do the forbidden thing. Eat the apple while God/the parent isn't there watching. Although, personally I was convinced my mother had a spy camera in our kitchen clock So, I was very sneaky when getting a cookie. But I digress...

I think Jo wanted to go with the brothers Dean. Of the hunters we have seen thus far, they seem the youngest, attractive, and not crazy. At least on the pretty surface. The impulse between doing something forbidden and wanting a safety net. Wanting approval. To have them tag behind her and goggle in her wake. After all, if she did the thing and no one saw, would it be real? Or just another mark on a floor plan of interstitial space. Pressure relief valve 163 and counting.

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