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JLU - Dead Reckoning

Dead reckoning.

Wikepedia strikes with Disambiguation. The art of navigating by knowing where you are, how fast you’re going to know when you’ll get there. Transitioning between here and there.

I don’t actually have much to say about this episode. I'm just being a completist for now. In this transitional state. Like placing chess pieces on a board. Shifting the figures in play about. Turning techno pawns into kings. Running new old themes into the game in progress.

An episode that begins with waiting between. Not understanding why one lingers. Merely lingering. No motion forward. No destination defined.


Comic book cosmic Karma and all that.

Possession. Of one’s self. Controlling others.

Tala trapped in her mirror. Boston Brand lingering between worlds. Souls trapped in a mystic maguffin. Lex Luthor serving an unwanted master to get, well, he was waiting…

To remake the world in one’s own image. Wow, um, is it hubris if it’s an ape? Yeah, pretty much.

Its interesting that Brand takes over each of the big trinity in their turn. Without permission. Out of control. Imbalance.

“Ask next time.”

Superman’s was small. To enable communication and “Why am I in Africa?” For laughs. Wonder Woman’s that bit more serious. Battering at Mantis because he killed the Master. And then Bats…with all the best intentions and bang. A life gone and a gun in Batman’s hand.

Tala freed from her mirror to serve at whatever breeze swirls her about. The souls freed from their maguffin, because nothing really ever dies in (insert random mystic name place here). Well, does anyone ever really die in comics. Lex Luthor fires his own gun to become the king. And Boston Brand…hmm, that felt like the pilot for a series. Or the lynch pin on which the door swings open, to a new vista.

We’ll see. Perhaps, Boston can hook up with the Crow.

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