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Comicon 2005


Comic Con was a blast. It's my favorite con, the only one I've deliberately attended multiple times. I love the panels, I love the guest speakers, I love the gigantic dealer's room, I love dressing in costume and feeling like a movie star because people keep stopping me and asking to take my picture. Ok, favorite moments:

- Friday: Squeeing with glee at the Justice League season climax with a thousand other fans; watching the actor who plays Keith on Veronica Mars disolve into helpless laughter and turn bright red when a fan asked about making slash icons of Duncan/Logan; walking into the DC booth in my Harley Quinn costume and having a guy say a) he liked my dress, b) he'd seen it somewhere before, and c) no, not at a previous Comic Con, ON THE INTERNET; again with a thousand other fans, watching the premiers of Battlestar Galatica, Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis (only from much better seats that the Justice League ones)

- Saturday: Kevin Smith riffing with brilliance and insane comedy; the Firefay cast being goofy and sweet; walking the dealer's room again and having people look at me, look up at the fish, look back down at me, and go "Oh! Delirium!"; finally running into my cousin who's a comic book writer and artist; buying the first issue in a new Tick series and an I heart Speak bummer sticker.

- Sunday: wearing my "Joss Whedon is my master now" tshirt which was just as good as a costume for people stopping me to say how cool it is; snagging a copy of _Superheros and Philosophy_ at the Comic Relief booth; and...

the all-time best con moment ever: walking down the sidewalk across the street from the convention center and I see this guy and think "he looks a lot like Joss" and then I realize he is Joss - he walks past me, sees my t-shirt and gives me a shy smile and a wave!!! My return grin nearly split my face in two I was so thrilled. I was walking on air the rest of the day.

Yep, it was a damn good con. I think I might break tradition and go again next year (we have been going every other year so we can hit one other big con, next year we're also going to World Con in LA). This was the first time I flew to the con and that was awesome. I'm definitely flying from now on and hopefully arriving earlier on Thursday and leaving later on Sunday.


San Diego Comicon is one of my favorite cons. There’s just something about such a huge press of humanity all wandering around in their geekishness that I just love.

The dealer’s room this year was just as vast as in previous years, curving like some Malbolge of Elvis Cthuloid and Mazes of Air Brushed Fay. Comics and art and books and posters and toys.

But since last I went, they’ve added on several huge meeting room’s football fields large. Well, if I knew anything about the size of football fields.

Built them and filled them with the cast of Battlestar Galactica and Serenity and Veronica Mars and, and…

Well, to describe.

We arrived in time to attend our friend Alex’s panel on the dirty secrets of game design. Seriously, he needs to get a job teaching this stuff or write a book. Or both.

The highlights of my Friday were:

-the Veronica Mars panel. I felt a bit bad for the actors who were largely ignored in favor of asking the writers questions. However, who knew that Jason Dohering was such a sweetie. He provoked an ahhhh from the audience by saying the thing that he finds most affecting about the show is Kristen Bell’s performance. Charisma Carpenter is joining the cast as, in her words, “a biiiiiiiitch.” Also, I’m trying to remember the question that broke Enrico Colantoni. Oh, yeah, this woman asked the cast if they minded icons being made of them. Especially, Logan/Duncan icons. Umm…clearly no, at least on Teddy/Jason’s part. However, Daddy Mars laughed so hard he turned bright red.

The Justice League panel was incredible. Okay, the new JLU episode was incredible. My heart still flutters with brilliant finale of a great season. I shall hopefully have time to write more thorough reviews later.

I also quite enjoyed “The Batman” panel.

The Battlestar Galactica panel was an interesting view into the behind the scenes. Although, as with most of these panels, the most interesting part is hearing the show creators talk. The actors are the face, but they’re the mind that moves the body of the work.

Then that evening I watched the Friday night lineup for Sci Fi with several hundred other geeks. There’s just something about a large group geek experience that’s quite pleasing.

The highlight of my Saturday

I saw the Aeon Flux panel and I must say Charlize Theron is a classy lady. While Kevin Smith was absolutely hilarious.

Followed up by the Serenity panel – oh the fan love. The entire cast was there excel Allan Tudyk (because he’s in Spamalot) wasn’t there. They were funny and friendly I want to ramble on. But what is there say, except that is was a delight.

 The highlights of Sunday was shopping and browsing and the long drive home.

Oh, and my costumes were: Female Corinthian from the Dreaming, Catwoman, Wonder Woman Red Sun, and um…me in a jump suit lookin’ cool.

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