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Good Literature Done Wrong III

It's been a long road, but worthwhile I think.

Hmmm...some background.

In April of 2001, Karen and I decided to really abuse the possibilities of a good literature education, Project Guttenberg and Word's Search and Replace function to create Buffy Pride and Prejudice. Basically, it's Pride and Prejudice, but with all the genders switched, the characters replaced with Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and some small changed for humorous purposes. It was fun, it was wacky, it was actually a lot of work.

So, of course, in May of 2002, I wrote the second in our series of Good Literature Done Wrong,

Sometimes called Dante and Virgilís wild and Wacky, yet Efficacious, adventures in the Lands Buffalonious, Angelic, and Britannic, with some small appearances by familiar characters: a Comedy in 3 parts (three parts each, sortof),

As you may guess from the title, this is the sad and tragic story of how someone with a decent background in Literature can really abuse the Divine Comedy. The plot was that after visiting Heaven, Dante and Virgil journey through Sunnydalio, Los Angelesio, and Englandio. Good stuff.

However, this sort of thing should be done in threes. A trilogy.

So, who could be the subject of our gaze, but Shakespeare. Lots and lots of Shakespeare, which is why this took me until July 2004 to produce.

Lots of Shakespeare.

The plot, such as it is, finds the fair city of Sunnydale torn by conflict between vampires, demons, watchers, slayers, etc., etc., etc. The majority of the lines are from various Shakespeare plays and Sonnets. However, there are some exceptions. Anyanka speaks mostly in Broadway musicals and Faith speaks in ancient Spartan sayings. Why? I felt like it.

Anyway, without further much ado, here is the final in the Good Literature done Wrong trilogy

The Tragical Comedic Historie of Buffy the Slayer of the Vampyres

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