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12.13.03 Carols in the Caves

my mother and I had a day out in Napa. We had lunch at Brix in St. Helena. As per our tradition, we split everything, that way we could have more. Vive variety. Our waiter was quite chatty, and if I may say quite cute.

After lunch we drove up to a tiny winery by Calistoga to hear the Carols in the Caves.

As I drove, we passed a rainbow. Glowing in the light. Translucent clear at it's base. Just right over there. I’d have chased it, but really why, when there was wine and music ahead.

The acoustics in the cave behind the winery were incredible. Reverberating the sound of the Christmas Carols around and in and through. As always, it was an eclectic mix of carols played on a wide range of instruments. It was a five dulcimer day. It was “A carol of the bells” played on a North American wood flute day.

It was a “We Three Kings” played on a psalter day. It was a carols on steel drums and pan pipes and celtic harp and Tibetan singing bowls and voices day. Voices, because we sang too.

Also. As well. Not a yule tide, but a yule sing.

Have I mentioned the really bad puns and the jester hat and the laughter in the cave as we made with the holiday mood.

Good stuff. Life am good and Merry Yule.

12.20.03 Gaskells Christmas Ball

Damn we looked good. No I mean, really. Oh, and you know other people looked pretty too. But damn we looked good.

The dancing was excellent, if as is generally true at Christmas, a sad, mad crush.



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