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Description: Blind superhero, angsts, takes a beating, but manages to kick some evil posterior.

Okay, so this isnít like the best movie ever. Nor even the best comic action movie ever, but itís solid and fun. And okay, dark. 

This isnít Spidy or X-men. There are a number of elements that donít rest easy in the movie. Daredevil, the man without fear, well, he just has nothing to loose. He isnít super strong or fast, heís just really determined to somehow fight the stream, balance the blind scales of justice. The question is what is justice? What is mercy? What is fair? If you fight the monsters, you must take care not to become a monster.

There are some lovely layers and nuances to the story. Daredevilís senses allow him to see without his eyes, but in turn the overwhelming stimulus of the big city gives him blinding headaches. Thus, his pain medication problem. 

Anyway, Ben Afleck, not hard on the eyes. And I suppose from the other angle, Jennifer Garner, hey the fanboys at the IMAX showing cheered. And more than that, Affleck and Garner have sizzle. They court with fighting like Fred and Ginger used to court with dance. Great choreography. 

The visual effect to show Daredevilís blindness is gee whiz neat. The villains are down right mean and icky. Bullseye is absolutely hilarious.

Want a good romp, check it out.

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