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We were busy little mammalian creatures this last month, which is interesting because we were both sick at one point or another. Heck I didnít go into work for two days. For those of you who are not following the state of Crystalís health, I donít remember the last time I didnít go to work for reasons of health. I know that I havenít done it in the three years Iíve been at Providian. And I know that I didnít do it in the three years, I was at Bayer (I didnít get paid if I didnít come in). And I know I didnít take any sick days the last year that I was at House of Daniels because I got money for not taking any sick days that year. So, itís been at least seven years. Although, I did actually work those two days. I just didnít go into my office to do it.

Anyway, sickness is a boring topic. This section is about events.

This last month (and probably forgetting stuff and donít bother to tell me to add things later, because youíll only contribute to my insanity and no one wants that. Well, except the Spanish Inquisition, but I digress), we:
ē On-going Ė Karen went to a bunch of Starry Plough dancing shindigs. Some Death Guild. The 2.24.03 Death Guild was great. Beautiful clothes, depressed music makes for a great evening.
ē 2.1.03 Dangerous Beauty Ball Ė the dancing was bit boring, (I donít like set dances, they drive me mad) but we looked fabulous.
ē 2.7.03 Friday Night Waltz Ė Karen went without Crystal but managed to have a good time anyway. They taught French dances from the Jazz Age, some of which were boring and some were a blast. The dancing was excellent and the dj honored a request from the crowd for a second Congress of Vienna. 
ē 2.8.03 Picnic in the City Ė absolutely lovely picnic by the Palace of the Legion of Honor in SF. The weather was gorgeous, the company was fun, and the food was yummy. We geeked and chatted and then went geo-caching. After the picnic, the whole gang repaired to our apartment for a Hugh Jackman marathon, well Swordfish and Kate & Leopold, since weíd all seen X-men 3 billion times. 
ē 2.14.03 Valentineís Day Ė in a comedy of errors I thought I had made a reservation for the Waterfront. Turns out I had made a reservation at Samís Sea Shack or some such place. Did I mention that I was really sick? 

Anyway, Samís called at 3:40 Friday. Thankfully, Karen was home. She called me because, hello, not where wanted to go. I told her to call the Watefront, which is certainly where I thought I made the reservation, while I made preparation to wrap up the stuff I was working on. 

Turns out, no we did not have a reservation and the only available times were 5:00 and 10:30. I told Karen to take the 5:00 reservation and I was going to leave work. It was 4:50. I caught the 5:00 BART to my car. Karen made the reservation, they took her credit card number and said if we didnít make it by 5:15, theyíd give away our seat and bill us 50 bucks. 

At 5:10 I started to drive home. Meanwhile, Karen was getting dressed, trying to remember what I said I was going to where so she could lay it out and generally hyperventilating (hey, Iím telling the story and hyperventilating is funny.) Anyway, traffic across town was terrible and I walked through the door at about at 5:27. 

I knew there wasnít time for me to get dressed. So, I gathered my clothes together, had Karen get me some makeup. Shoved everything in a backpack and we went to the car. I got in the backseat as we drove back to BART, where I changed. 

One problem, the bodice I brought was missing ribbon to lace up the front. This was important, because my shirt likewise had no closure. Karen quite rightly shot down a visit to Beverlyís for some ribbon, so I removed my shoe lace and laced myself in quite tightly with that. We ran to BART. Caught the 4:47 BART to the city. 

I put my makeup on while on BART. Karen had to play mom. Spit cleaning was involved. 

At 5:05, we arrived in S.F. We ran out of BART (in our high heels), ran up the stairs, down Embarcadero, realized that we were in terrible shape and walked for bit. Ran. Walked. Almost died laughing as we reached viewing distance of the restaurant. We arrived at 5:10. We rock. We had a great meal. And since we were there considerably earlier than we had intended (I was going for a 7:00 reservation) we went to go see Daredevil. Honestly, I love experiences like that, because if you can pull it off, well it makes a great story. And provided you donít mind changing clothes in a car, running in high heels, and generally being willing to do, well, you can pull it off.
ē 1.22.03 Gaskellís Ė the dancing was incredible, the music was incredible, the band was totally on, I danced every dance that I wanted to, I pulled good dancers. I danced a silly Sir Roger. It was fairly lightly attended for Gaskell, which meant there was floor space. I talked to people. Had a blast.
ē 2.23.03 Hiking in Marin by Lake Bonne Tempe Ė Last year we went a bit later and saw wild flowers. This year it was a bit early, but we still saw some on this varied terrain hike. 3.4 miles (plus change that we added on). Itís the way I like a hike, warm up, steep area, then coast along. And plus beautiful. We saw a crane!

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