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December, month of extreme socializing

It all started the day I returned from Thanksgiving with my family. I flew in on a Friday evening. Saturday, November 30th, I had my first date in 3 years. 

It was wonderful. *insert big stupid grin here* 

Sunday, December 1st, I went to Dickens Faire with Ken, had a great time. Monday, Starry Plough, Irish dance lessons plus I went to Au Coquelet afterwards which I shouldn't have since I was coming down with a cold. 

Was sick Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (congestion, fever, mild delirium - it was not pretty). 

Saturday, Crystal and I hosted a holiday party - specifically The Danger Twins' Swinging Holiday Cocktail Party. We made the same dress from different fabrics that we bought in Thailand. We had utility belts with wine glasses and handcuffs. We were much admired and had champagne in extremely cool cocktail glasses. Got to dance one dance in our tented back porch area. 

Sunday was a lazy, wonderful day just hanging out with Crystal and my new sweetie and recovering some more from the cold from hell. Monday, December 9th, Starry Plough, Irish Dance lessons. Tuesday, laundry. Wednesday, another date. :) Thursday, dinner with Ken at Quinn's Lighthouse where they sing Sea Shanties then I went to pick up Kev at the airport. Friday, dinner with friends before we drove down to a movie and martini night which was mostly a new crowd for me. 

Saturday, Dickens again - this time with Crystal and Gina, much merriment was had but it was really loud due to the storm attempting to rip the roof off the building. Left Faire early to drive up to Marin for dinner with other friends which was an adventure of its own due to downed trees, nonfunctioning stoplights, and fender benders. When we got there, our friends had no power, but they did have a gas stove so they made us dinner anyway. Mmmmmm... bernaise sauce. 

Where was I? Oh yes. Sunday, December 15th, we saw a movie with Kev then went to a party in Santa Rosa. Monday, Starry Plough with a little bit of Irish dancing then Gina and I skipped out to go to Death Guild, a goth club, which totally rocked. Paul met us there and we stayed almost til closing at 2am, good thing I had the morning off on Tuesday. Tuesday, new Buffy!! 

Wednesday, the Two Towers premiere which Crystal attended with Kev and a bunch of other friends but I skipped out due to above mentioned extreme social schedule and a really bad day at work which left me feeling totally bitchy. 

Thursday, Cirque du Soliel Varekai - this was awesome, made me laugh and gasp and it was fun spending an evening with Kev. 

Friday, Firefly Night, which was us inviting people over to worship at the altar of Joss for the final, yet premier episode of Firefly. Ken brought over swordfish steaks which came out wonderful if I do say so myself, and let the evening an air of class. It was great to just sit around and chat with like-minded friends. 

Saturday, December 21st, Dickens Faire for the third and final time. Went with Kev and Paul. Spent too much time with Paul (separate rant to come about me learning to share). Went home, ate some dinner, got ready and went to Gaskell's which was magical with lots dancing, fabulous clothes, and good times with friends. 

Sunday, I slept in a bit *ahem* but got on the road about 10:30am for the 13 hour drive to visit my family in Tucson. A week with them then it's back to the Bay Area for another Monday night of dancing at Starry Plough and Death Guild on the 30th. 

For New Year's we're going to the My Fair Lady Ball put on by the fabulous folks who bring us Friday Night Waltz. I've got the perfect dress for it, too. Thank god it will soon be January because I seriously need a rest from all the fun I've been having.

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