February 2004


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Surviving the Holiday Crush

It's not easy being busy.

Between Christmas parties, wait, no, this is the new millennium, Winter Season parties, and dances and family and cheery greetings and way too much "and," it is easy to take on too much fun.

For the costumer, from mid October to the end of December, the year passes in a blur of events.

Stop. Take a breath. Relax. Have a spa day. For those who can't afford (after buying all those presents) to actually go to a spa, set aside some time and turn your bathroom into a sauna.

For about fifty dollars, you can get the materials for any number of warm relaxing moments in your very own spa.

Gather a steam humidifier, electric heater, instant coffee pot, chamomile tea bags, a bowl, cucumber, wash cloth, towels, lavender oil, oil lamp/candles, facial scrub, facial clay mask, and lotion. Note: some spas sell packages of the materials that they use at the spa for home use. Often these can be quite reasonably priced and are made from good quality ingredients. Otherwise, most large drug stores have fairly inexpensive scrubs and masks that will last many spa days.

Now then, cover the floor of the bathroom with towels. This will help keep the floor clean and warm it up a bit.

Turn on the heater and the humidifier. On the top of the humidifier, there should be a small depression where you can put the lavender oil. As the humidifier heats up, the scent of lavender will fill the room.

Cut up the cucumbers and have them on hand. Fill the bowl with hot water and drop in two tea bags. If you'd like, also make yourself a cup of tea. Put a washcloth in the bowl to steep with the tea.

When the bathroom is nice and hot, seal yourself into the heat. Put the washcloth, now nicely steeped in soothing face tightening tea on your face for five minutes.

If you'd like, bring in a portable CD player and play some soothing music. Relax.

Apply the facial scrub. This will scrape off the dead surface skin. Wipe it off with the wash cloth. Relax. Pour yourself some more hot tea from the instant coffee pot.

Apply the facial mask. This will help pull any impurities out of your skin. Put the cucumbers on your eyes to reduce puffiness. Relax. Have some more tea.

 After 15 minutes or once the clay is dry, wash you face.

Apply lotion re-hydrate your now smooth and soft skin. Have some more tea and emerge into the cold cruel world ready to go to that holiday party looking your best.

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