Pirates of the Caribbean

Description: Plot, what plot! Pirates! Argh, mateys.

Pirates kicks ass - sword fights, cannon fire, gorgeous people in cool clothes, great special effects, doofus sidekicks on both the good and bad sides, and tons of references to the ride. I loved it. Of course, it didn't hurt to see it opening night with a bunch of friends in costume. We made quite an impression on the crowd. One lady scurried up to us saying, "Ohmigod! You're the best! You win! You win!" and then ran away (literally - she took off running across the parking lot away from the movie theater). It was fun being in a row of women wearing corsets when the corset line came up - we cheered.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine

Description: Once more killer androids from the future into the breach.

Is the future written? Does it matter? Are the important bits the parts we spend together.

There is this wonderful bit where, we talk about the future that was. That apocalypse in 1997 that should have been. 

Good stuff. 

The movie is wonderfully referential to the past movies, to this mythology. Very enjoyable.

Also, Arnie is hilarious as the deadpan of lines.

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