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So, ComiCon.

Drove down Thursday. It felt good to stretch my legs and drive and drive. Hooked up with friend Kev in LA for lunch. Hooked up with traffic for post-lunch. Inch. Inch. Inch.

Anyway, we went to the con, got badges, which we needed, checked into our hotel, disgorged more luggage for a three day weekend than I would take traveling for a month.

Friday morning, we dressed as Goddesses. Persephone and Eris.

UmmmmmÖwandered around the really huge I want so very many pretty things main hall where we managed to buy nothing and run into an ex-boyfriend (funny last time I was dressed as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. His wife had this great suggestion for Karen re: a device that would expel random and chaotic mini-marshmallows from her cleavage. Karen shot down my idea for peeps, but I say with a nice layer of padding, she could fit a lot of things down there, but I digress), a cousin of Karen's that she hasn't seen in 20 years, Greg Bear, Amber Benson, and you know Silent Bob, except he was more like Kevin Smith and talking.

Went to the Henson studios presentation on Mirror Mask with Neil Gaiman and David McKean. A young circus girl who dreams of running away to real life. Dreams what may not be a dream. A land where everyone wears a mask. A movie made with four million dollars and McKean's computer and complete artistic freedom. I can't wait to see it.

And seriously, Neil Gaiman's voice is just so Hello.


Sat - we opted for more comfy costumes. Karen did Harley. And I did Alice from Wonderland. The more tame version. Not the American McGee. I wasnít feeling Goth.

Went to the Teen Titanís/Duck Rogerís panel. Not quite aimed at me, but interesting.

Ran into Chris and Emily. Exchanged factoids.

Saw Joss Whedon talk. Sigh, the coolness. He was funny. And funny. And he said cool stuff that I donít remember now.

Oh, I know that the finale on Buffy was about how we donít need heroes, because everyone is a hero.

How cool is that.

After that there was a panel of Buffy/Angel writers.

Also, with the funny. David Fury misheard one of the questions to be about Faith and subsequently turned every question to Faith. At some point, Danny Strong (Jonathan) came up and asked one of the writers how it felt to be a murderer (cause, you know the writer killed his character). Apparently, he doesnít feel that bad about it.

Then Joss came up and asked whatever happened to that Danny guy. Then the actor who played Mal on Firefly came up and hit on the female writers. It was really funny.

After the panel, we managed to catch the end of the Van Helsing panel, where Hugh Jackman was very cool. He not only thanked all the people who asked questions, but he sang Summer Lovin from Grease. Both parts. He sang Sandyís part in a falsetto. It was cool and sexy and cool.

Then we went back to the hotel to prepare for the longish drive home.

Fun had by all.

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