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WorldCon 2002

We wore quite a few costumes to World Con. Quite a bit more than we actually managed to get decent pictures. Although, check out Ken's site for a few more. Eh, here's a few of the frocks we pulled out of the closet as well as the world debut of our goddess outfits. The latest in a series of tryptic outfits. Previous examples being Dendarii, Furies, witches and  elementals. Speaking of which, that was the first costume that we wore Friday night.

Although, I should mention, that these were nothing compared to some of the stuff in the Masquerade.

Fire Sparkly (Crystal)
I very much liked the effect of the gems on my forehead.

Dancing Water (Karen)
The front of Karen's shoes are covered in hand sewn sequins.

Earth minus some layers (Gina)
This is Gina's Earth costume minus hoop, drape, outer skirt, cloth petticoat, leaf petticoat, etc.

Fire, Earth and Water beneath a gathering sky


Dendarri Mercenaries (Crystal and Karen) attending a panel on Costuming from books (relevant author Lois McMaster Bujold on the panel) 

Two Barrayaran military men (black fatigues and dress greens). Lois McMaster Bujold, whose books inspired the costumes, during a panel on costuming, is the second from the right.

Who are all these people? 

This was from the 2nd dinner (in a week) for some Buffy Philosophy Board members who were in the SF. Bay Area. Okay, we have Liquidram (off camera), Liquidram munchkins, fresne (Alice), Vickie's hubby, fresne's housemate the red Queen, Vickie, d'Herb, Masq, more munchkinery and  Dochawk

So, whose the kitty and whose the psycho in this picture?

American McGee's Alice and Snowmane, Lord of the Thundercats. (Crystal and Ed). Weary Cat of the Clan McDude rests in the background after the Masquerade


The Martian Cabaret (Gina in long necked splendor). from the Masquerade. Gina got a ribbon for enduring the costume. Hot. Much hotter than fire, which was cool.

Pipi Long Boots went into the family business as soon as she was able.


Persephone still life. 

Since this isn't going to come out in the photos, I'd like to point out that Eris' outfit is covered in rainbow embroidery in a variety of styles. Winding randomly over the dress. 
Also, the silver embroidery on Persephone's dress is picked out in several hundred seed sized beads. And what doesn't even come out here, it's practically invisible, is that the hem stitch is a line of black flower embroidery exactly like the silver embroidery next to it. 

Partially, because my conception of Persephone is a person of opposites. Goddess of Spring. Goddess of the Dead. 

Wearing silver that tarnishes. Fabric covered in gem like embroidery of flowers. Heavy jewlery covered in tiny flowers. In one hand the globe like pomegranate, in the the other the orchid scepter. 

I think way too much about these things.

Then again this is our big project costume for this year. I forsee many wearings.

Paris makes makes its fateful decision. 
Hera (Gina), Athena (Crystal, who didn't wear that outfit at Worldcon) or Venus de Milo (who lives in Paris). 

Who is the fairest? Who deserves the gift of the goddess of Discord, a golden apple?

Eris looks on and smiles. Her work is done.

Eris smiles while Troy burns.

With golden sandals and peacock feathers, Hera regards.

Persephone (Crystal) contemplates. 

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