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Have More Birthdays, You Live Longer

So, the doctors say. So, my aunt Ruth said at grandmother's 90th birthday celebration.

90 years old. A lifetime spread out in pictures and people. Lives interconnected by time.

My grandmother lives in Herrich, South Dakota, population 105. Just this side of no where and somewhere.

My mother and I flew back for a long weekend for the party. A day to get out there. Fly to Omaha and then drive 260 or so miles out on straight stretching midwest roads until we came to Herrich.

On Saturday, we went to my cousin Nancy's 25th wedding anniversary. Sat, ate cake and delicious midwestern beef, and talked.

That night it snowed. Big, wet, fluffy flakes. Like I always wanted when I visited when I was a kid. But we always visited at Christmas, when midwestern snow is dry and -30 degrees all kinds of cold.

But this snow. This snow was for snowballs. I may be 30, but I threw a couple after church on Sunday.

Church was hilarious. We doubled that churches' population up to 50ish. There were after all 19 of us. We took up three tiny pews.

A brief snow fight and then time to celebrate 90 years old.

There were cousins and uncles and aunts and relatives from a patchwork of states. South Carolina, Nevada, California, Arizona, Nebraska, oh all over. And yet looking at the group, you could tell that this was one of the last events of this kind.

There were only seven cousins there from my generation out of about 100 people (yes, we doubled the town's population.). Oh, well, life is about seizing the opportunity. I was there and I had a blast.

Talked to people I haven't seen in forever. Contemplated the 90 years it takes to gather five children, twelve grandchildren, umpteen great-grandchildren, three sisters, nieces, nephews, a lifetime lived in one small town.

Ruth, Lois, Grandma, Don, Charlie, mom (Judy)Learned stuff too. I never knew grandma's family didn't speak English when grandma was a little girl. They spoke German. German language church. German in the home. Her parents started to speak English when their girls started to go to school. I never knew my grandfather was 4 years old when he went to 1st grade. Didn't know that my Aunt Nancy plays piano. That Ruth can give an excellent speech (and funny too). And apparently, if you have lots of birthdays, you live longer.

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