The Count of Monte Cristo

Description: innocent young man done wrong in post-Napleonic France. 17 years and hole lotta revenge laterÖ

God, this was a beautiful movie. Now for you purists out there, Iím going to completely spoil the end to the movie. Ready, are you sure, okay then, despite the title Alexander Dumasí Count of Monte Cristo, it does not end the same way as the book. Thank God. It has a much cooler end.

In a modern, I donít have a problem with vengeance sort of way. 

James Caviezel in incredible as the Edmund Dantes, a young man whose only crime is loving a beautiful woman and knowing a little too much. Course, he doesnít know that he knows something. First he has to be betrayed, spend years in prison and plan his revenge.  His transformation from a shy, unattractive, gawky, stooped young man into the assured, graceful and deadly Count is incredible.

He and Dagmara Dominczyk as Mercedes, his beloved, have real heat, but then again he is quite the hottie. Proving once again revenge is sexy. That and his clothes. Beautiful sweeping brocades. And the estates, stunning scenery to be chewed up in sword fights and cunning long range plans. Vengeful, and yet, well the villains deserve it. And in an appropriately Dantesque sort of way, bring it on themselves.

This is a great action, adventure movie. 

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