Easter Parade

Description: Fred Astaire as a vaudeville hoofer out to prove that he can dance with anyone after his partner dumps him. Some beautiful clothes, lovely songs and dances, and a few funny vaudeville routines. 

This is one of the few movies that I watch every year. This is my Easter movie even though it has little to do with the holiday (other than the title and a song). It's just fun and full of dancing, pretty people, and lovely clothes.

Fred is of course marvelous in this movie - graceful, charming, self centered, and ultimately loving. Judy Garland plays the chorus girl he sweeps off her feet and into some wonderful dance numbers, several of which are quite funny. Ann Miller is the bitchy former partner who is out for number one and flaunting what she's got. She wears an amazing dress that looks like flames made of feathers and silk. The plot is minimal and the Easter Parade is a cute framing device that allows a few repetitions of the classic "In Your Easter Bonnet" by both Fred and Judy.

Sorority Boys

No-brainer gender comedy where three fraternity brothers are forced to cross dress and hide out at a sorority. Manages to be crassly funny without decending into toilet humor. The boys learn their lesson (RESPECT WOMEN!!!) and we're along for the ride.

Okay, so we were in the mood for some trashy humor. We were pleasantly surprised at the lack of bodily functions and didn't feel too bad laughing at the rest of the gags. I must say the three stars (Barry Watson, Harland Willams, and Michael Rosenbaum) make three of the worst drag queens I have ever seen. I thought the trio from To Wong Foo were bad, but these were worse. The image you see on the poster is nowhere in the movie.  That is part of the point though. These guys have to hide out in the sorority for "ugly" girls after one of their fraternity brothers frames them for theft. They bond with the other girls, learn respect, and teach self esteem. In the meantime, they shower, clean bathrooms, and play "touch" football. The funniest bit is a fight between two of the guys in drag using ... um, something you just have to see to believe in a sort of sword fight. It still cracks us up. 

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