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Karen's 10 Year High School Reunion

Dawn, Casey, Karen, Reagan, Deep
Okay, this is one event I didn't think I'd be attending. As a military brat, I went to school all over the country and just happened to be in Northern Virginia when I graduated high school. West Springfield High School was in a suburb of Washington DC so we had lots of military, diplomatic, big business, and government types. During the Gulf War, we got weekly phone calls from Saudi Arabia from parents. I made some really good friends there, but seriously doubted anyone would be able to find me 10 years later. (I thought I'd be settling down once I left my position as military dependent, but I've actually moved around more on my own. Go figure.) But thanks to my friend, Dawn, I found out about the reunion and signed up.

Tom, Geoff, BrendanHigh school was fun while it lasted. I was pretty much a geek with geek friends but we had great times together so the chance to catch up with them was kind of irresistible. I couldn't take any time off from work (due to the time suck that is our upcoming trip to Egypt!) so I hopped a red-eye flight on a Friday night (which turned out to be my second worst flight of all time, but the details are pretty boring), hung out with friends Saturday, went to the reunion Saturday night, had brunch with friends Sunday morning, and caught a flight back Sunday afternoon. It was a whirlwind schedule but thanks again to Dawn I had a place to crash and some one cool to hang out with the whole time.

The reunion itself was weird, but strangely enough, exactly like prom. I hung out with the people I knew. Everyone looked great and was doing well. I felt so happy for all of them. The DJ was terrible, the student government people had pulled everything together then made cheesy speeches, and I wished I was there with my best friend. At prom, we came with other dates, but this time he was too busy with a film to make the trip back east. The parallels were strange yet comforting. In the end, I'm very glad I went.

There were some people I wanted to see who didn't show up of course. One had a really good excuse though - she was about to go into labor. Congrats Kate! I hope you and your new son are doing really well. 
Sunday Brunch

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