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Visiting Relatives

My mother turned 60 this year, back in March mind you. However, as a tax preparer it wasn't really convenient to have her brothers and sisters out to celebrate until now. 

That would be two brothers, two sisters, and assorted spouses. There were people sleeping in every room of the mom's house except the bathrooms. 

What I love about visits like this is that you get to show off the place where you live. Look see my home. You can do anything here, let me show you. They went all over. Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park in S.F., the Botanical Gardens in Berkeley, Jack London Square in Oakland, Sonoma, the coast in South Marin. 

Of course, being a working woman and about 30 years from retirement, I couldn't go everywhere with them. However, I was able to hang out on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday morning, we hit…drum roll please the Home Depot Expo in Concord. You know, I don't even own a house and it made me want to remodel. They had some amazingly cool stuff there. Basically they have little mockup rooms. The bathrooms were exceptionally cool. I want a Tuscan tile shower with a sauna. I want sinks painted with scrolling briar roses and little mini books, "And the princess pricked her finger" or "the Prince bent to kiss her." I want well, actually, I need a house first.

Anyway, from there, we headed to wine country. We hit four places. Drank some wine, had some dinner at Chevy’s, (Mmmm…fresh mex) then back to mom's house for a bit of hot tub with a view the Carquinez Straights.

The next day, I hooked up with everyone at Fisherman's Wharf. They took the Vallejo ferry to the dock. Happily, it went round Alcatraz island, so they got a chance to look at it. 

Quite the blend of S.F. life within about a 10-foot radius of the Vallejo ferry dock. There were the "Take a picture with Freaks" punks. $5 and you too can have your picture with blue/green/or orange haired punks. There was a calypso band playing, who were pretty good. And of course, women in little corsets with furry whips. Also, $5 to have your picture taken. I love S.F. What a weird place.

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