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Grab a little whimsy

No, really, even for us it's been eventful. The first two weeks of October were the last two weeks of our great Canada and America road trip. We covered almost 7000 miles in three weeks. It was a trip of rediscovery and healing in that we reconnected with our country, our land, and our people. It felt great. It was also tons of fun as we visited amazing natural wonders, educational historical sites, hard-core American kitsch, and of course wineries. We're still sorting out the pictures and such and you'll get more details later. 

As for the last two weeks, we've been catching up with our lives again. I flew to Chicago to find out about my new boss and my new job. Crystal found her new office and new responsibilities. We still have our delightful houseguest. We bought Leather Pants of Evil (which I'm sure Crystal will want to expand on later) and went dancing in them. We did chores. We went to the movies (saw From Hell - nicely scary and beautifully shot even if the conspiracy is a bit far fetched). 

And, of course, we dressed up for Halloween. For Gaskell's on Saturday, Crystal, Gina and I dressed as Elementals - Fire, Earth, and Water respectively. The costumes were time consuming but totally worth it (even if it took me three days to get that blue stuff out of my hair). Kevin has pictures up on his site already and we'll have some later. On Sunday, we dressed in Victorian mourning for the annual cemetary picnic in Mountain View Cementary in Oakland. The place is huge and beautiful and I wish I hadn't been sick so I could appreciate it more, but we did have a nice lunch and see the Julia Morgan designed Chapel of the Chimes. As for the big day itself, Crystal pulled out Alice and I snagged my dark fairy dress and a tiara to wear to work. Just grab-something-from-the-closet costumes since I managed to give Crystal my cold. No dancing for us that night. We were home handing out candy and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. 

Can you overdose on Buffy? We're going to find out since FX is now airing two episodes a day for the entire month of November. We can't wait for the musical episode either, but I digress.

Suffice it to say, that we've been busy and the update for this month is therefore short. You'll get more next month since we've entered our "season." There's a ball, party, movie event, or holiday every weekend from now till the end of the year. We'll have plenty to write about if we manage to slow down that long.

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