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The Why of Why

So, once again, there isn't really an issue.

Last month, I just couldn't move myself to put something together on the goodness of life when I was in such a sad mood.

And this month. My excuse. Didn't do one.

It's not like we didn't do lots of cool stuff.

First there was our vacation. We were supposed to go to Egypt, but given the current world situation, we went to America (and Canada) instead. It was wonderful, incredible, inspiring, and I'm still putting together the photo album.

Be assured that we read books, went to movies, attended events (mostly Halloween), tasted wine (Oregon, Canada, and Minnesota), went to restaurants, and had a great time.

However, since my priority is the photo album, which will feed next month's very chock full issue. Crystal turns 30!!!! Wooowhooo!!!

See you then.


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