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Le Bal du Moulin Rouge

This month the PEERS event was in Alameda and the theme was turn of the century Paris. Ah, Paris. Tango, Waltzing, the CanCan.

Well, we didn't so much CanCan as others CanCaned while we watched. There were several floor shows between dance sets. They flipped and yipped and cart wheeled about and were generally impressive. 

The general dancing was also quite nice. The band, Baguette Quartette played music as it would have been played in French music halls over a century ago. It is interesting. I had never realized how dissimilar waltz music can be. Austrian Waltz is martial and march like. This was, well French. Accordions. Violin. Very, very French. And quite good. We got one of their albums.

I still had a bit of a problem with the venue, which will while pretty, has terrible acoustics, but whatever. I got to tango twice.

April in Carneros
Spring is in the air and a young woman's fancy lightly turns to wine, cheese, olive oil/vinegar tasting in the Carneros region of Napa/Sonoma. Whew, that was quite a sentence wasn't it. 

Every spring, the wineries in Carneros, the area between Southern Napa and Sonoma, have a wine festival aptly named April in Carneros. Wineries host bands and local restaurants and well, do wine tastings. 

It works fairly simply. You buy a glass for $10, and then you can go taste at all of the participating wineries. Since, some wineries can cost $2 to $5 to taste, this is a pretty good deal. Quite a few of the wineries aren't normally open to the public. Also, many of the wineries have special price deals for the weekend.

Thankfully the weather, which was dreadful during the week, cleared up for our Sunday drive in the country. I would have to call the day uber-bucolic. We drove down tiny little country lanes. Parked in dirt fields with views of rolling green hills, grazing sheep, and vineyards. The sun was warm. The air clean because the recent rain. Obviously, Enya and Lorrena McKennitt was the music of the day.

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