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Biscuits and Blues

401 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Mon-Fri 5:00pm- 2:00am
Sat-Sun 6:00pm- 2:00am
Tel: (415) 292-2583 (BLUE)
Fax: (415) 292-4701

On a fine Friday night, Crystal and I decided to go out on the town for some excitement. We looked up some interesting restaurants and clubs in the city, dressed up, and headed out. We never made it farther than our first stop Biscuits and Blues. This is a wonderful blues club and southern comfort food restaurant.

The food. I had fried catfish and Crystal had fried chicken. Both came with delicious cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and heavenly fluffy biscuits. We each had a New Orleans Iced Tea, which was yummy but packed quite a punch.

The music. As we were eating, the band came on. The Steel Cut Blues Band were incredible. Guitars and a saxophone wailed and we couldn't resist getting up and dancing. They played both classic blues songs and some of their own material. They were wonderful.

We had such a good time we abandoned our plans to club hop and stayed through the band's second set. For more information on the restaurant and the bands scheduled, see their web page.

Village Cafe
1337 Park St.

Its not big or fancy. It doesn't have a view of the bay. But they make some of the best Italian food this side of Napoli. 

They have a huge selection of pastas and sauces and make absolutely killer pizza.

My favorite dish is the Gorgonzla al Pesto. Gorgonzola cheese, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic. At $8.95, it's tangy and delicious. The flavors are sharp on the tongue and the sauce is great for dipping bread into.

The meat lasagna is also pretty hearty and tasty with a good balance of tomato sweetness and sharp cheese.

You always get more food than you can eat. And you always want to take your leftovers home. 

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