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Crystal Turns 30

After 29 years and 364 days of anticipation, I turned 30.

Whoooho. And I deserve it. I suppose if I had spent my time doing nothing it would be a bad, but hey, I've earned every day and every moment of that 30. It hasn't all been good. My early 20s were equal parts finding my niche (a few false starts), denial, overwork and starvation. Been there done that. Don't really need to listen to that sound track again.

What's not to like about working at a job I like, getting well paid to do it. 

So, huzah 30.

But really, what's important about 30, isn't the increase maturity, the better pay, the improved quality of life. It's that I threw myself a party. Not on the actual day mind you, but in the same month, so whatever.

Sadly, since I live in the Bay Area, I may be 30, but I don't yet own my own house, so I borrowed mom's.  I wanted to have the freedom to be marginally loud past 12:00. 

We wanted to convert the carpeted living room to a dance floor, so I bought some linoleum, which I threw on the floor. Duct tape holds the world together. It was nice and springy, but it was inclined to migrate when ballroom dancing occurred. More thought required there.

Got 7 kinds of cheeses at the Cheese Board in Berkeley (on Shattuck near the Safeway). Weird cheeses. Stinky cheeses. Meltingly good brie. Spicy cheeses. What can I say I like cheese.

And if I may say, it was a great party. I had guests from High School, College, ballroom dancing, Black Fleet, etc. People from every aspect of my life and well, apparently I have pretty uniform taste in friends. People chatted and mixed and danced. The party hummed with energy. 

And as a special party favor, I arranged to have a meteor shower at 2:00 am. By that point, the party had wound down to a manageable layabout on mom's back deck. It was great. We lay there, looking up at the natural fireworks. Streaks of blue, green, white. We were out there for about an hour and then back in for more snackage.

The last guests left/crashed at 4:30, which is truly the sign of a good party.
Now if I could just learn to sleep in past 7:00 am.

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