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The Philosophy of the Photo Album

Good trips deserve recognition. More than just sticking the photos in a box. More than a slide show no one wants to watch (well, its always at someone else's speed and you're just stuck there).

A couple years ago, I committed myself to making a real photo album for every big trip that I went on.

Not just pictures slapped behind a magnetic sheet, that twenty years from now you look at and say, okay, what the heck is that. Words. Explanation. Banter. Pictures laid out with white space. Maybe cut up a bit for variation. Scalloped edges. 

I am happy to say, I have now achieved book 2. The first photo album was for France. Its big and bound in black leather. Lots of pictures, lots of text. 

And now after a month and a half of labor, I have finished the book of the American experience. I scoured through 25 rolls of film, arranged pictures, wrote text, ran through three bottles of rubber cement and its done.

Now I turn to the on-line version. Did I mention that I just finished the print version. Well, keep that in mind. As the month progresses, I will fill in the pages with text and pictures. 

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